“I can recommend Christchurch as one of the best venues in the world to have a festival……love Christchurch, don’t be disappointed book in, (after us)!”

- Ralph Cook, of The Gentlemen of Nowra XI (GONE), Australia

“On behalf of Wooden Spoon Wales, can I formally thank you & VSL for this magnificent donation, which combined with our own fundraising efforts has achieved the original target of £30,000. On a personal level thank you for the enthusiasm & determination you showed in making the event such a resounding success . This money will become eligible for spending in the year 2017/18 from 1 April so we will be looking for a specific project that we might be able to ring fence as ‘Wooden Spoon/Golden Oldies’."

- Huw Thomas, Chairman Wales Region, Wooden Spoon Charity – Wales

“At a time when sport is taking off in unprecedented ways at the top commercial levels, your presence here reminds us that the soul of sport still resides in the hundreds and thousands of players from many different backgrounds in many different places who play games socially for the love of it, promoting respect and understanding amongst people in the process”.

- Dr Andre Odendaal, Chief Executive Western Province Cricket Association, South Africa

“The Golden Oldies movement is a great way to keep those over the age of 35, fit, active and involved in sport. The benefits of Golden Oldies sport run deeper than health and well-being. Lifelong friendships are formed, lasting memories are made and the love of sport is enhanced”.

- Hon Dr Johnathan Coleman, New Zealand’s Minister of Sport

“Golden Oldies are the best. I have been to every one since 1984. Go G.O Netball”

- Raewyn Costello, Hauraki Calendar Girls – New Zealand

“I really like the Festival spirit; it’s one of my favourite things about the tournament so far. Most people are playing to have fun and we are all winning because of that”

- Members of the Jokers International – Canada

“What a blast, even before the games started I was having so much fun just meeting and hanging out with everybody. The facilities, the food and the comradery. I want to come back”!

- Members of the Hadrosauri – USA

“Wonderful sport that makes you have friends to more than 20000 kilometres with whom every 2 years you share to enter a field…..again”

- Alejandro Silva, Old Orcas – Argentina

“Myself and my fellow Olde Barking Dogs had an amazing time in Cardiff! CAN....NOT....WAIT until April of 2018. Cheers"

- Bill Haz Haase, Olde Barking Dogs – USA