Golden Oldies World Basketball Festival
1 - 8 April 2018

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The Golden Oldies Basketball Festival being staged as part of the Christchurch Casino Golden Oldies Sports Celebration 2018 has been designed for players aged 35 and over to follow the lead of other partner sports and provide an opportunity to get the old gang together again and take the court in Christchurch. Basketball has been around in New Zealand long before NBA star Steven Adams arrived on the scene, and many of the game's finest practitioners played out of Christchurch.

The Festival is open to players aged 35+ and the emphasis is firmly on 'Fun, Friendship and Fraternity' the Golden Oldies ethos. Playing participants, family members and supporters are invited to attend the week-long Festival in one of New Zealand's sporting meccas and to partake not only in the action but also in the social activities that are part and parcel of Golden Oldies sports. Teams from around New Zealand and from overseas are expected to take the chance to play in what will be a unique Festival.

Some players might like to show they still savour the competitive side of the game with their trips down 'bloody-nose lane' or with their shooting 'beyond the arc' however there is provision for the more 'social' categories for those participants whose joints creak a little more than they might enjoy. There will be a range of awards that will recognise the playing results and importantly some that will recognise the spirit of Golden Oldies.

Christchurch is superbly equipped with basketball venues to support the Festival. Competition doesn't take place every day and a highlight of the week is the picnic day involving all participants and partners in the middle of the week at Hanmer Springs alpine village.

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