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The City | Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest city in New Zealand’s South Island and is referred to as the ‘Garden City’ due to its stunning parks, gardens and tree-lined streets. Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury Region is a hive of activity where, within two hours of the international airport, you could be bungee jumping, rafting, skiing, hot air ballooning, whale watching or sampling fine wine at the region’s world class wineries.

Christchurch is one of New Zealand’s most active sporting hubs and is renowned for its many sporting heroes and successful sports teams.

In 2018 we are proud to be holding a month-long Golden Oldies Celebration in Christchurch. For the first time ever all Golden Oldies Sports Festivals will be held in one city, over the course of the month. Over 35’s will partake in Netball, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Softball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Lawn Bowls and Squash.

Experience the passion and celebrate New Zealand with the Christchurch Casino Golden Oldies Sports Celebration 2018.

Cricket Venue - Hagley Park

The Golden Oldies Cricket will be played on pitches at Hagley Park not far from the centre of the city. At the time of writing there was a suggestion that the Hagley Oval, home on International and First Class Cricket may even be available to host 3 games. Whether the Oval is available or not, there will be a large number of pitches on the Park complex that will provide great cricket conditions.

Home to the well-established and well-performed St Albans Cricket Club and the Canterbury Umpires and Scorers Pavilion, Hagley Park has long hosted cricket in the city and was a major part of the 1992 Golden Oldies Cricket Festival.

With the numbers anticipated to take part in the 2018 Golden Oldies Cricket Festival, suburban clubs will be hosting fixtures at their grounds and clubrooms. Christchurch is well served by a good number of very strong clubs who have excellent grounds and clubrooms. Not far from the city centre are a number of excellent country clubs who are also offering to host games and who represent all that is good about country cricket in New Zealand.

Wherever teams are playing-Hagley Oval, Hagley Park, suburban cricket clubs or country cricket clubs the pitches will be good, the outfields will be excellent, the clubrooms will be fine and the hospitality will be outstanding.

Christchurch is quite rightly considered one of the leading cities in New Zealand where playing and enjoying cricket is an essential past time.

Sydenham Cricket Club

The real SCG is located not 5 minutes from center of Christchurch city. Sydenham as a club is rich in history and is approaching it’s 125th Anniversary.

At the moment the Christchurch Council are finishing a massive upgrade and post earthquake we have basically got a new pavilion. The wicket blocks should be the best in town once complete and the Golden Oldies tournament will be one of the first opportunities to play on them.

Our club is one of the oldest in Canterbury and over the years we have provided numerous Canterbury representatives, men and women. 22 of whom went on to represent New Zealand. Stephen Fleming and Lee Germon were given the further honour of becoming captain.

We are looking forward to hosting visiting teams and can assure you of a warm welcome and an open bar.

While you are here ask one of our crusty older players why we locals refer to the ground as ‘Flagon Park’. You are welcome to have a look at our website - there’s a ton of interesting stuff on it.

Pictured are the before and after of the grounds and our two Presidents Grade teams who are playing in the Festival.

Before:                                                                                                                    After:

Presidents Grade Teams:

St Albans Cricket Club

The St Albans Cricket Club was formed in 1905, and in the initial meeting members were told that the new club would be named the St Albans Cricket Club and would need to use Hagley Park as their home ground in the first season. It was hoped to have another more permanent ground for the future.

More than a century later the club is firmly rooted in the same position. Thanks to the foundation members the pavilion, on the corner of Hagley Oval is without doubt the best-positioned clubrooms for shelter, warmth, ease of access, parking and profile in the city. Hagley Oval, the club’s main oval, is surely one of the most picturesque and pleasant sporting settings in New Zealand. Members can sit on the pavilion balcony and watch international cricket being played on one of the world’s most attractive test grounds.

St Albans Cricket Club has earned a proud record on the playing field. Fourteen men and 24 women have worn the New Zealand jersey in Tests, One-Day Internationals and Twenty20 International matches. A further 63 men and 79 women have also represented Canterbury (or other provinces) at domestic level. Two players from the club have captained New Zealand teams, M. L. (Curly) Page, who led during the 1931/32 home series against South Africa, and Sarah Illingworth, who had a long run as captain of the national women’s team between 1993 and 1996, including one World Cup.

The St Albans Cricket Club has survived many difficult times: the great depression, war years, ground issues, relegation threats, local body and government legislation, lack of numbers and financial setbacks just to name a few, but is now considered to be one of New Zealand’s top 10 cricket clubs.


Heathcote Cricket Club

The delightful grounds we will also be using is the iconic Heathcote Cricket Club, first Club with their hand up to host visiting teams.

Nestled at the foot of the steep volcanic crags that form the northern edge of the Port Hills, just 8 kilometres southeast of Christchurch city centre and surrounded, on three sides by hills, Heathcote Cricket Club have one of the most picturesque cricket grounds in New Zealand and will be great hosts for teams lucky enough to play at their ground.


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