Ethos and Rules


Ethos and Rules

Golden Oldies Golf Ethos and Rules:

Golden Oldies Golf Festivals, owned and managed by Vintage Sport and Leisure Ltd (VSL), are operated with the purpose of bringing together golf enthusiasts, 35 years of age and over, to share their interest in golf, their love of the sport, enjoy time spent with fellow enthusiasts and to play on new courses.

The four main principles on which every Golden Oldies World Golf Festival is built are:

  1. To provide players an environment in which sportsmanship and camaraderie thrive. The Festivals are founded on the Golden Oldies ethos of Fun, Friendship and Fraternity.
  2. To provide an environment for participants to play with and against other like-minded players in a spirit of goodwill.
  3. To provide opportunities for players and their spouses or partners to travel, play new golf courses, create new friendships and renew old acquaintances.
  4. To encourage continuing respect for the traditions and values of golf.

Together, these opportunities can contribute to highlighting and promoting golf throughout the world, and to creating positive reasons for enthusiasts to retain an active interest in golf.

For Anyone Over 35

Golden Oldies Festivals are open to men and women over 35 years of age from any part of the world. Whether you are part of an established club, a social player or a group of mates looking to join a Festival – you are all welcome.


Objectives of the Rules as defined by Sir Bob Charles:

  • To speed up play by using simpler form of rules.
  • To provide a less complicated format designed for easier understanding by players
  • To increase the enjoyment of the game

Lost Ball

  • After two minutes search, for a penalty of one shot, a ball should be placed at a near the point where it was last seen or on the line of entry to its demise. A placing zone should be located to not require the player to play over a hazard again.

(Out of Bounds, Water Hazard)


  • Ball may be placed outside the bunker no nearer the hole for a penalty of one stroke.


  • Ball may be putted with the flagstick unattended without penalty.


  • Club may be grounded in a bunker or hazard without penalty provided the lie is not improved. Should the lie be improved a one stroke penalty will occur.
  • All rule infringements carry a one stroke penalty.


  • Within in one club length allowed on closely mown areas of hole in play.
  • Ball should be placed within one club length of the point of relief from immovable objects.

Provisional Ball

  • No longer required.

Specially designed for Golden Oldies to make the game more manageable and to ensure that rounds are quicker.


  • Divisions
    • Men’s or Women’s (handicap divisions will be done when entries close)

Respect for the Game:

  1. Players are expected to respect our great game, their opponents and supporters by recognising that the Golden Oldies Ethos represents good sportsmanship, decent standards, friendship, fraternity and enjoyment of one of the greatest games.

Golden Oldies Golf is a wonderful celebration of the great game of golf...relax and enjoy.

If you have any questions or require further clarification on the Ethos and Rules, please do not hesitate to be in touch with Mike Godinet –

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