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Golden Oldies Hockey Rules

Golden Oldies Hockey Rules/Conditions of Play

General Playing Rules

Each team lines up with 11 players on the field at one time, and substitutions can be made freely.
A three-touch bully off will start each game. A pass from the center of the field starts play after each goal.


Results will not be recorded.

Game Duration

Games consist of 2 x 25 minutes halves with a 5 minute break for half time.

Injury Time

There will be no time out for injury – the clock will keep running and the injured player replaced by another player. If any serious injury occurs the umpire will stop play, decide what course of action is to be taken, and play will resume when it is deemed safe to do so. The clock will continue to run throughout this stoppage. 

Non Aggressive Play/ No Tackles Allowed Identification

For those participants who wish to avoid aggressive play or prefer not to be tackled, brightly coloured ribbons or bibs will be supplied by the committee.

As a courtesy please notify the opposition at the start of the game that you have players in this situation.

Players with this ribbon or bib are only allowed to travel 20 metres with the ball.

Penalty Stroke

There will be no penalty strokes in the Golden Oldies matches.

Short Corners

Short corners begin with five defenders (including the keeper) positioned behind the back line. All other players in the defending team must be beyond the centre line, that is not in their 'own' half of the pitch, until the ball is in play.

The ball must pass outside the circle and then put back into the circle before the attackers may make a shot at the goal from which a goal can be scored.

For safety reasons, the first shot of a penalty corner must not exceed 460 mm high, at the point it crosses the goal line if it is hit.

Game balls

There will be a ball on each field for the start of the day, please ensure this ball stays on the field and after the last game please return the ball to the Hockey desk.

Mixed Matches

While most mixed matches in Golden Oldies are very friendly we have been requested to apply these rules for safety reasons:

The maximum number of men on the field at one time is 5.

Most important

Enjoy your hockey, make new friends and have fun.

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