Jo Edwards



We are delighted to introduce, Jo Edwards, as a 2018 Golden Oldies World Lawn Bowls Festival Ambassador.

Two-times world champion pairs bowler and a double gold medallist at the Commonwealth Games, in pairs in 2002 and singles in 2014, Jo Edwards was bitten by the bowls bug when aged 20.

"I was pretty cocky as a 20-year-old thinking, 'This isn't hard', it was only aiming at a certain place and throwing at a certain weight and then it was like, 'This is a bit harder than I thought' and it's that whole consistency thing that grabs you and keeps you going back. It's probably the hardest sport I've ever played. I'm not talking physically, it's just a very mentally challenging game".

"The good thing about it is that it can be played by all ages and at all kinds of levels and people get so much enjoyment out of it, right from business house bowls to international bowls – it covers such a range of people and personalities. It makes you train, it makes you practice – it's not a game that you can ever feel like you've nailed it," she said.

Edwards was sure the interest in the Golden Oldies World Lawn Bowls Festival would result in plenty of interest from Christchurch locals in the activities and that would make it more personal to people.

"April's a perfect month for it, the weather's quite settled, it will still be warm. The people down there, there's the old saying about the one-eyed Cantabs, and it is very, very true…but in a good way. They can't see past Christchurch but it shows they are very proud of their city, so I think they're going to get a lot of happy people down there."

Christchurch's facilities were top notch with many fine bowling clubs that would be more than adequate to cope with the expected influx of visitors for the Festival.

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