Rugby – Women


Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival
22 - 29 April 2018

Golden Oldies Rugby will be making its second visit to Christchurch for the Christchurch Casino Golden Oldies Sports Celebration 2018. The Golden Oldies Rugby Festival was previously held in the city in 1995 and was one of the biggest Festivals in Golden Oldies history.

All games in the Women’s Division competitions will be played at Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.

This Division as always will provide competitive, honest rugby, played in the best Golden Oldies sporting spirit. Which means after that final whistle the traditional ‘other side of the game’ comes out to play. Combatants become comrades, shake hands and eat and drink together and turn those little 3-meter dabs slowly into 30-meter line-breaks by the end of the night.

Golden Oldies Women’s rugby will feature:-

• Three games plus Finals Day
• Full world rugby laws
• Offical referees
• The Canterbury Presidents Trophy - awarded to the
competitive team of the Festivals.

• Semi-competitive; Once were competitive; social
• Three games
• International Golden Oldies Rules

It's no surprise that we should return, after all Christchurch is one of the great rugby hubs of the world. Numerous All Blacks have come out of the region including the recently-retired, two-time Rugby World Cup winning captain Richie McCaw, and the greatest points scorer in international rugby, Dan Carter.

Christchurch is the home of the Crusadettes (see their profile). The pioneering women's side who travelled to Europe on a ground breaking tour in 1988 and have decided to reunite and take the field again in Christchurch.

It is also home of the famed Super Rugby side, the Canterbury Crusaders. Golden Oldies participants visiting the city for the Festival may well have the chance to see the Crusaders in action as part of their stay.

In the non-competitive division rules are in place to ensure where necessary players are suitably protected. No scores will be recorded or published and the only prizes awarded will be special end-of-event novelty prizes.

Teams can be entered with all players aged 35 and over, along with their partners who are every bit as important to the event as the players. Many outstanding friendships have been formed over the years through the Festivals. The first Festival was held in Auckland in 1979 but has subsequently been hosted in Long Beach (California), London, Sydney, Cape Town, Toulouse, Vancouver, Dublin, Mar del Plata, Adelaide, Perth and Cardiff in 2016.

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