Barry Gardiner



We are proud to have Barry Gardiner as our Ambassador for the Golden Oldies World Squash Festival.

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Barry Gardiner has been playing squash for 56 years, as part of a busy sporting career, playing and administering the game. 

He's been a New Zealand Masters squash representative for 15 years and along the way has won world squash champion status in the over-50, over-60 and over-70 Masters grades. He was president of New Zealand Squash for two years and has helped organise world junior and masters squash championships.

"I think it is great that Christchurch has been awarded this event. It's two years out and by 2018 the place is going to be buzzing," he said.

He was in no doubt about the appeal of the 2018 Golden Oldies World Squash Festival to overseas players.

"Coming to New Zealand is big enough attraction on its own, but when you've got a reason to come here that's even better. Players know you don't have to be the greatest player or represent your country to play Golden Oldies Squash and it has a great name for fun and friendship."

"They're not coming here to win trophies and all that, they're coming for an entirely different reason and if they can get three or four games of squash in, the normal player would just love that. And I think there will be a lot of players in New Zealand who will be interested."

"And there will be those who played in the 1970s and '80s who would love the chance to play in something like this. Squash players in general are a very social animal," he said.

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